Lars Lindstrom Cinematographer

Lars Lindstrom

At age 14 I watched the movie Road to Perdition alone in secret because of the R rating and I remember for the first time in my life realizing that every frame in a film could be as beautiful as a painting and that the visual medium was just as powerful as the script. After graduating in 2013 from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena with a masters in Cinematography I began shooting as much as possible. I shot weddings, corporate, commercial, music videos and anything that I could get some inkling of experience from. It wasn’t long before I shot my first narrative feature Highway to Havasu, My career began to snowball from the people I met on that set and in less than a year I had 4 features in the can.

In my 8 year career I’ve had the incredible luck of shooting over 25 feature films, a TV series for amazon, 2 documentaries and dozens of commercials. in 2020 I was incredibly privileged to win a Daytime Emmy Award for my work on Amazons Dark/Web directed by Roxy Shih.

Producers will appreciate that I own most of my own camera and lighting gear. I will always choose the right equipment for the jobs needs, but most of the time I’ll have everything for the shoot with only one COI for the producers to provide. I own 3 Arri Alexas (mini, mini LF, amira) 5 different lens sets, all the support needed for multicamera and a full 3 ton combo grip/electric truck.

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