NEER is an artist agency representing a curated roster of exceptional cinematographers and director/cinematographers. Our filmmakers work on a range of projects spanning the film, television, entertainment, advertising and music industries. NEER collaborates closely with our clients and creative partners to achieve meaningful storytelling. Our team offers invaluable expertise in the digital campaign landscape and our diverse roster of versatile filmmakers are trusted partners for directors, producers, creative agencies and brands in creating elevated visuals for all platforms.


ONEWHEEL  |  Are You Ready

ONEWHEEL | Are You Ready

By Tyler Weinberger

Boot Barn | Wonderwest

Boot Barn | Wonderwest

By Dillon Schneider

Young Jesus | Ocean ft. Tomberlin (mv)

Young Jesus | Ocean ft. Tomberlin (mv)

By Kadri Koop

Warp + Weft

Warp + Weft

By Kelsey Smith

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Making Horror Films is Discovering your own Demons- "Mama" by Antonio Riestra

Can making a horror film be a form of therapy? Antonio Riestra ASC, ACK, AEC - cinematographer in “Mama,” “Black Bread,” and “Normal,” explains how his film work actually manifested in his real life.